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A vital and dynamic campus ...

San Jorge University is a lively and dynamic campus where sports, social relations, culture and studies coexist in everyday life.

Among the various activities offered by the USJ, the Sports Activities Service stands out for the numerous initiatives it launches throughout the academic year in order to promote sports practice and healthy habits among the university community. These include competitions at regional and national levels in multiple sports disciplines, fitness activities, sporting events, etc.

To practice sports on campus, students can use the facilities of the San Jorge University sports campus.

Culture is also a fundamental element in comprehensive education, and for this reason, the University has a Cultural Activities Service which, in addition to promoting cultural projects in the different centres, it organises activities such as workshops, conferences, colloquies, exhibitions, guided tours, as well as the magazine es_Cultura. USJ Magazine.

Another of the services available is the library. Its mission is to facilitate access to information resources and to collaborate in the process of learning, teaching, research, culture and other activities that have an impact on the student’s education.

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Together with these services, the student can participate in volunteer activities and take a leading role in building a more just and supportive society. It is a way of finding out first-hand the problems that society suffers and participating actively with those who are trying to make a difference. University volunteering allows students to complete their education and gain experience in the practice of civic values, democracy, solidarity, justice, tolerance and respect, while collaborating in activities that improve or transform our reality.

Students also have a copy service, located on the floor -1 of the Student Hub, as well as the dining service in the cafeterias of the different faculties, where daily menus, main courses, pizzas and sandwiches are served. The university also offers students a shuttle service, with three different routes and circular buses linking Zaragoza with the university campus of Villanueva de Gállego. You can also find information about housing options here.

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