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Acento is as innovative as its creators and is committed to teaching and experience in integrated learning, more commonly known as blended learning, it is a widely used methodology for the process of teaching-learning a second language and with beneficial results when accompanied by the total immersion in this second language.

This methodology represents an interactive teaching process between the teacher and the student. While the student performs supervised autonomous learning, the teacher facilitates the tools and guides the learning process. Acento is committed to communication and practicality in its classrooms. Is everything learned in the classroom? The answer is NO. Therefore, everyday situations are recreated that help students to learn vocabulary, ask questions, differentiate uses, etc.

However, classes do not always take place in the classroom: a language is really learned on the street and Acento is committed to activities in real life environments where the student tests their knowledge and communication skills in a relaxed environment and with the motivation offered by the real-life situation itself. We are committed to this practical and communicative approach that brings the language from the street to the classroom. Students will have prior knowledge allowing them to improve their skills correctly, both in written and oral communication, because everything depends on the objectives that are established depending on the group and the level.

The courses offered by Acento are designed and structured according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), proposed by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which accredits the number of hours worked.

These include not only attendance and preparation but also contact hours, autonomous supervised study and evaluation.

Following the criteria of the Instituto Cervantes and the MCERL, and their reference levels, classes will be offered for these levels:


MCER Number of Guided Study Hours
A2 Approx. 180-200
B1 Approx. 350-400
B2 Approx. 500-600
C1 Approx. 700-800
C2 Approx. 1000-1200


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