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There are many reasons why our students want to study abroad: to study Spanish as a second language for the first time, to specialise in a variety of languages ​​before starting university and to access university, for personal reasons, etc.  And what better way to learn Spanish than to study with us in Spain? For all this and much more, Acento offers annual Spanish courses for foreigners. Acento offers two types within the annual Study Abroad courses:

• Spanish Language and Culture Course:  The annual course offers the opportunity to study Spanish in Zaragoza from September 2019 to May 2020, in other words, allowing you to study Spanish for a whole year with immersion not only in the language but in the culture, traditions and history of the place. This type of course is the favourite for students who want to combine their time in Spain with other work or leisure activities. Before starting the course, each student will take a placement test to be assigned a group. The annual course is available for:

  • "Elementary" level s (A1)
  • "Beginners" levels (A2)

Spanish Language and Culture course with volunteering, for students who want to work on social projects for international or local NGOs.

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